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When working with an organization my passion is to help their employees, no matter what level, understand and apply their strengths so they excel in their positions, embrace their uniqueness as they optimize productivity, and step fully into their leadership abilities. I believe every employee has the ability to confidently shine in their career and through uniquely designed methods and systems, we work together so each person realizes their greatest potential, and the organization gains maximum benefit in the process.



For every woman, my hearts passion is for her to understand and embrace her True Value (I believe every woman has GREAT value), Abilities (I believe every woman has distinct abilities that no one else possesses), and Identity (I believe every woman is uniquely and perfectly created with an amazingly abundant life available to them).



With multiple coaching certifications, 35+ years of successfully navigating Corporate America, and vast personal experiences dealing with many crises, I am able to bring a wealth of experience and expertise into each session. My clients can count on me to include both a personal and a professional approach as we work together.


My clients discover revelations about themselves and their lives and are empowered to shift, adjust, and grow. As they do, they experience true turning points in their perspectives, approaches, and overall lives.


My heart soars as I envision women all over the world rising up with great confidence, courage, and strength, stepping into their unique purpose, and as they do so, they will positively influence others and be filled with the greatest joy.


Precious Stones Coaching

Precious Stones Core Values

You will experience great care and compassion in each session



Each session will maximize the time together for the greatest impact


Working together you will achieve significant results


Diannes multiple certifications, continual 

training, and extensive life experience gives

you a professional who makes a difference for her clients


Your personal value is paramount and key throughout the entire relationship


Keeping you on track so you excel 


Knowing you are heard when Dianne listens

deeply will result in great AHA discoveries and revelations


Your uniqueness will be encouraged 

so you flourish and shine


You will be encouraged and supported to reach your goals and realize the maximum benefit of your experience


You will have the utmost success as you progress 

 Precious Stones Coaching is for you!