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5 Tips to Effective Remote Work

Working remotely has become an important factor in business today and will stay with us long into the future. Traditional businesses have always required their employees to be on-site for their workday. The “9 to 5” workday was the norm in years past.

Today, however, with so much great technology, we are seeing shifts from the typical workday of the past. Many companies have options such as job sharing, part-time on-site/part-time remote, or full-time remote. There are countless options for how today’s workplace can function best.

For many who are now working remotely, there are some major struggles with this “new normal”. Have no fear, there are 5 tried and true ways to assure you are working most effectively while at home. I know personally because I have worked from home for 13+ years.

So give these tips a try and let me know if you find them helpful.

Tip 1. Stick to a Routine

It is very important to set a routine for your day. When working from home, it can be very easy to get distracted. If others are home while you are working you may be tempted to turn away from your work and join them, or you may be “haunted” by all the things to do around the house.

Tip 2. Be prepared to Go Live

You never know when a manager, peer, partner, or customer will need to do a video chat. Being prepared for that is a wise step. So, when you get up in the morning and are getting ready “to go to work”, shower, dress for possible viewing and be professional. It will help you feel like you are at work and help you stay focused.

Tip 3. Manage your Time Well

Planning out your day and staying focused will help you stay on track. It is important to start on time and take the appropriate lunchtime based on your workplace. It might be easy to get lost on social media or internet searching but remember you are still on the clock and getting paid for your time. You will want to honor your employer and demonstrate they can count on you whether you are on-site or at home.

Tip 4. Demonstrate Leadership

This one may seem a little strange since you may not have anyone to lead while working from home but that doesn’t mean there aren’t leadership characteristics for you to implement. Demonstrating to your management that you are a leader in whatever comes your way will go a long way when it is review and raise time.

Tip 5. Know when to Disconnect

One of the dangers of working from home is you may feel like you are always “on”. The computer is there all the time, the phone is there, emails continue to come. You may be tempted to keep checking your phone, your emails, and voicemails. You may feel compelled to respond right away no matter what time it is. This is a sure-fire way to get burned out. Be sure to end your day when it is time. Turn off the computer. Walk away from the phone. Close the door to the office if you are blessed enough to have a separate office. We all need time to refresh.

I have experienced all the dangers mentioned here and found that these tips helped me be the most productive, effective, and efficient without burning out. My attitude stayed positive and upbeat and I grew to really appreciate working from home. My employer appreciated my dedication, my “can do” attitude, my strong work ethic, and found he could trust me to get the job done and get it done well.

I run my own business now and following these tips continues to help me work effectively as I work each day as an Entrepreneur!

Drop a comment here and let me know how things are going for you working remotely.

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