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5 Ways to Excel as the Team Leader

Get your team to become the "model" team!

Have you ever been involved in a team or a group where there is no harmony within?

As a leader, it can be a challenge to get your team to come together, working harmoniously, and have everyone handling their roles efficiently and effectively. Being able to tap into each member of the team to inspire their very best is key, yet, because every person is unique, what works for one person may not work for another.

Here are 5 things you can implement that will make a difference in your team.

1. Develop strong relationships within the team

Building a team that works well together can take some time but you can help foster that by creating an environment for the team members to get to know each other. As they get to know each other, their interactions with each other become more in sync and the impact on their productivity rises.

2. Spend time with team members

Take time to get to know each team member. Spend time to really know the person, their interests, their values, what they enjoy, what challenges them, and so on demonstrates the you care. When someone knows you care, they are much more inclined to reciprocate and in a work environment, they want to excel as a way of giving back.

3. Ask strong open-ended questions

There are times when a leader needs to tell others requirements, yet, most of the time asking strong open-ended questions can help the team members think things through. When they are coming up with the answers, there is more ownership and along with ownership comes a desire to perform better. You could ask questions like these: How can we achieve excellence together? What have we learned from our experiences so far? How does what we learn help us grow together as a stronger team?

4. Share

Your team wants to know you as much as they want you to know them. Share with them your interests so they see you as a part of the team, not just a stand off leader. Share with them the ‘why’ involved with the requirements of projects so they understand their purpose.

5. Know their Strengths

Getting to know the strengths of each team member will help you make sure each person is in the role that fits them best. It will help each member to have strong self-awareness, leading to a greater sense of purpose. Understanding the strengths of the team helps each member to know how they contribute to the team as well as the overall organization. Participating in something like “THE Team™” Program will help you and each member maximize their strength and generate the greatest productivity.

These 5 tips have helped leaders and teams grow together to become a cohesive, strong, excellent productive team that brings value and success to their organization.

If you would like to learn more about “THE Team™” Program or about coaching for any underperforming employee, you can email me at

I wish you the greatest success as a leader and exceptional productivity and cohesiveness for your team!

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