• Dianne McKim

How Being Downsized Led to My Life's Calling!

By Dianne McKim, C.A.C.L.C.

There I was going along doing my work, making a significant contribution, overdelivering on expectations and enjoying my job. Little did I know that it wouldn’t be long before that would come to an end.

There are things in life that are totally beyond our control. Who sits next to us on our commute, what TV shows are broadcast, when the traffic light will turn red, what comments people make, and as I hinted at above, when a company downsizes. I know there are lots of other examples as well, but I think you get the picture.

For me, when I was downsized, it wasn’t because of anything I had done or because I wasn’t producing, yet, there I was without a job. Now what do I do?

Like most, I began my job search, looking for positions that would complement my skills and talents and allow me to make a contribution to the company that was hiring. I prayed for wisdom so that I would know exactly where I was to go next. I just knew I would leap to my next job with no problem. But then, an interesting thing happened… every time I found a position I knew was a good fit for me, in my spirit, I heard “no, don’t submit a resume”. What in the world was that all about?

As I continued my search, I eventually knew that I was not to look for a new job at another company. Hmmmm… very interesting. So, what to do now? Well, it just so happened that I had great opportunity to volunteer my time. Enjoying this freedom to help others was new to me as I had spent all my adult years working in Corporate America.

During this time, as I continued to search my values and desires, two things happened fairly simultaneously. I was given the opportunity to get a new ministry up and running at our Community Center and I discovered my true calling and the reason why I didn’t need to look for a new job.

By understanding my values, desires and my mission, I am now walking out my calling as both a LifeCoach for Women and the Director and main Facilitator of our DivorceCare for Women ministry.

The struggling and wounded women I am coaching and serving are receiving healing and encouragement in their journey. Where they had everything coming at them in life without knowing who they truly are, they are learning how to discern their own dreams, desires, core values and to focus on new and exciting adventures on this journey in life.

So, should you find yourself struggling or at a crossroads in life, it could be it is time for you to consider talking with me and bringing me into your journey as your LifeCoach.

Click here and then scroll down to set up a complementary introductory call. I am so excited to talk with you!

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