"Your Best Self"

Become Equipped, Effective, & Excellent!

Understanding your personal and unique values, mission, strengths, talents, and patterns will help you fulfill your greatest potential and propel you forward to unlock even greater future possibilities.


The Precious Stones Coaching "Your Best Self" Program, takes you on a journey to dig in, discover, and apply your own amazing talents so you can thrive in your career and in your life.




"THE Team™"


Want your team to function at their very best? Looking for a way to discover their unique abilities?

As a Strengths Champion Certified Coach® working with your team to discover and maximize their strengths, I can help you and your team have a long-lasting effect on the success of projects and a huge positive business impact.


"THE Team™" Program incorporates coaching around the Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment.


Reach out today to find out how your team can be "THE Team™”!


"Freedom FROM..."


Mini-sessions to help you find "Freedom From..." all those hard to manage emotions.

If you are ready to be Free choose from the mini-sessions below.

Each mini-session is only $27!

"Freedom From Fear, Worry, Anxiety™"

"Freedom From Loneliness™"

"Freedom From Unforgiveness™"

Choose any 2 for $47

Enter your mini-session titles of choice in the "Registering for" field when paying. 

Choose any 4 for $87

Enter your mini-session titles of choice in the "Registering for" field when paying. 

Once your registration information is received you will receive an email with the mini session or sessions you chose

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