The Walk To Freedom
Free Yourself From Offenses

We have all been hurt, wounded, and offended by others. It is the worst when that offense comes from someone we are closest to.

We replay the offense again and again and justify ourselves as we do. We can't let go of the hurt and we build up a wall.

As Christians, it can be even worse as we expect others to handle situations with love and grace. 

But we don't have to hold onto the offense...


Finally, there is help in this 8-week course specifically written for the Christian who wants to walk in Freedom and become unoffendable.

  • You will receive your own pdf workbook where you can work through the process.

  • You will join others who are navigating the same as you.

  • You will learn the Biblical basis for being unoffendable.

  • You will move forward and be free.


There is never a better time for you to release those offenses and learn what to do in the future so you are not offended.

Sign up today and experience peace and freedom by releasing the anger, hurts, and offenses. 

Each class in this 8 week course is held via Zoom and is 1 hour and costs $57 plus the purchase of the required book. Details are provided to everyone who registers. 
(The required book should cost less than $20)

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1. Monday 12:00 pm eastern - starts September 20, 2021
2. Thursday 6:45 pm eastern - starts September 16, 2021
3. Tuesday 8:00 am eastern - starts September 14, 2021