The Greek word for Precious is Timios (pronounced:  TIM-ee-os). It comes from a verb that means to “set an estimate on.” The noun and adjective derivations mean honor, respect, reverence for worthy objects or people, and of being precious, dear, or costly in the sense of value and highly esteemed.


In the Bible, precious stones were often referred to or alluded to and were highly valued. They were used for trading, for engraving (they were engraved on the breastplate of the high priests). They were used in a figurative sense to signify value, beauty, and durability. 


Stones were used as a symbol of a great act of God, such as in the story of the Israelites crossing the Jordon. The priests took 12 stones from the river Jordan to use as a way to remember how the Lord parted the Jordan River for them to cross over to the Promised Land.


Today, precious stones are used in elegant jewelry and considered to be of the greatest value. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are the stones classified as the most precious. They are rough and unpolished in their natural state, but with the finest processes, they become the most sought after precious stones with shining facets reflecting the splendor of their inward light and color.


The beauty, value, and worthiness you have within you is deserving of the greatest honor and esteem. I see each person as the very best they can be. 


You are so precious. You are a precious stone.