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3 Ways to Gain "Confidence For Life™"

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Did you know that No one is Confident 100% of the time? Did you know that Confidence can be learned?

I struggled with practically no confidence and incredibly low self-esteem when I was at my lowest time in life. I could not have been convinced that I had anything to offer the world.

My perspective today is very different. I have learned through my faith walk that EVERYONE has value. EVERYONE has incredible talents, skills, and abilities that are unique to them and are needed by the world. It is with this insight that I created the “Confidence for Life™” Workshop.

Recently, I was able to deliver this workshop and want to offer to you 3 Ways you can Gain “Confidence for Life™”.

1. Avoid negative self-talk

This may sound like something you’ve heard before, but it definitely bears repeating! We are often so hard on ourselves, especially when things don’t go how we planned. So ask yourself “What does my internal tape say to me about me?” If all that comes to you are negative words, it is time to create a new tape.

This brings me to point #2.

2. Make two lists… one showing your strengths and one showing your achievements

a. Since EVERYONE has strengths, you can begin listing them. Don’t limit yourself or convince yourself that a trait is not a strength. Write all you can think of… even if they seem small or they are from a long time ago. You may need to get some help from a trusted friend, loved one, or colleague.

b. Because EVERYONE has strengths, everyone also has achievements. Write down all of the ones you can think of regardless of when they occurred. Again, ask others to share their observations of your achievements.

c. Read the lists again and again so you really see and internalize your strengths and achievements.

And to go with this, see #3.

3. Save up your compliments - when receiving positive comments and compliments capture them and re-read them periodically to remind yourself of how others see you. Our brains so often focus on the negatives that we truly can forget that anyone said anything positive about us. Keep reinforcing these compliments and positive comments so you begin to believe in yourself.

Here is what one of the participants had to say:

"In the "Confidence for Life™" Workshop I learned to see myself in a more positive way and look to the future with confidence that I can use my past achievements to propel myself into a successful future.”

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