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Achieve Your Greatest Success with Coaching or Consulting

Virtual Coaching
Team or Group Coaching
Workshops, Speaking, Interviews

One on One Coaching

Customized Just for You

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations.

With my uniquely designed coaching sessions, you’ll be able to handle what comes your way more confidently. 

One on One Coaching is all about You and Your Success!

Team or Group Coaching

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Team or Group coaching gets to the heart of the matter by working with the team/group as a whole as well as the individual members to minimize and eliminate conflicts, to assure everyone is working together for the same goals, and to move the team/group forward with the greatest success. 

Your group or team can truly rise above the rest!

Workshops, Speaking, Interviews

Delivered with excellence

Workshops and Speaking engagements may be live or through online video chat. Various topics are available.

Custom workshops, lunch and learns, speaking engagements, and guest interviews may be crafted and designed to meet the needs of your group or audience.

Interactive and Great Learning in every delivery!

Services: Services
Services: Welcome
Business Coaching or Consulting


For the Help and Direction You Desire

Sometimes you just need input and advice from someone who has been there.

Areas of Focus Include

Career Coaching

Career Transition/Direction,

Strengths Discovery/Maximized, Professional Growth, Work/Life Integration, Leadership Development, 

Career Development, Resume/LinkedIn/Interviewing


Confidence/Courage Development,

Effective Communication, DiSC® Personality Profile,

Core Values & Career Alignment, Personal Growth 

Life Coaching

Stress Management and Resiliency, Handling Fear, Worry, and Anxiety, Overcoming Offenses, Spiritual Growth, Faith in life and in your Career 


Hope and Healing from Separation and Divorce, Forgiveness

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