Every woman (and I do mean every woman) is created beautifully unique which is why with One-on-One coaching, you will have a plan and system designed specifically for you. During our coaching sessions, we will identify your priorities, your goals, your values and keep you accountable for moving forward. The coaching is all about You!

One-on-One Coaching

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is designed to bring women together who have a similar need or are facing a similar situation.


Developing a sense of community among women is an important part of the group coaching process. Groups may be online via video chat or live and in person.


A variety of topics can be covered such as "Discover Your Strengths™", "Hope and Healing for Women Separated or Divorced™", "De-Stress in a Stressed Out World™", "Confidence for Life™", "Project Your Best Self™", and more.



Speaking Engagements, Interviews

Workshops and Speaking engagements may be live or through online video chat.

A variety of topics could be covered such as Creating your own Vision Board, "De-Stress in a Stressed Out World™", Visioning for the Displaced Worker™, "CC Program - Developing the Courage and Confidence Within™", "Discover Your Strengths™", "Beauty From Ashes™", "Confidence for Life™", and more.


Custom workshops, lunch and learns, speaking engagements, and interviews may be crafted and designed to meet the needs of your group or audience. powered by . c. 2018 Dianne McKim