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Testimonials: Testimonials


What Successful Clients Are Saying

"Working with Dianne on professional development has been a great experience. She is extremely thoughtful and listens deeply during conversations. I love the way in which she challenged me to find answers for problems by always asking insightful questions.


Dianne is a fantastic coach, she is very caring and has helped me immensely with setting achievable goals for my career advancement, developing my skills as a leader and being team oriented. I appreciate her follow-ups after every session, as a result, I was able to have tangible achievements and be accountable for my goals. Dianne helped me recognize my strengths and define my priorities to achieve professional and personal growth.


Every session with Dianne was motivating and a catalyst to continue doing the work I enjoy doing. Thanks to Dianne, I have learned to slow down, think strategically, and develop social intelligence when working with people on different professional levels. I would recommend working with Dianne to my close friends and family and would love to work with her again in the future."

R.M., Venture Capital, Pennsylvania

Even More Testimonials

What Happy Clients Are Saying

"I signed up for The Walk To Freedom course because I wanted to find out how to release the anger and offenses I had built up inside, much of which had come from my former husband. I needed help. 


The course provided that and more. I felt very grounded each week in what was presented. I found a better balance in my life. I realized I don’t need to react to what others do and discovered that sometimes the best reaction is no reaction. 


I highly recommend this course to others. Precious Stones Coaching, thank you for all the wonderful work you're doing. TREMENDOUS!"

Melodie Delphonse, New Jersey

"The reason I signed up for the Walk to Freedom class is because I never thought of the word Unoffendable before and I was curious to read about it. The author, Brant Hansen, did a great job in showing us how we can be unoffendable by reaching out to God. I used to think when I was being offended by people or things I could handle things myself. But arguing with people or getting annoyed at myself just made things worse. I used to think asking God for help was a bother. I used to say “Here I am God bothering you again.” Little did I know he would want me to ask Him for help. 


Throughout the four weeks of the course I’ve “bothered" God many times and He mostly helped me. I realized when He didn’t it was not meant to be or it took time for whatever I asked Him for to be patient. Patience is another thing I must practice. Hopefully I will get there with God’s help too.  


I would gladly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to and wants to be unoffended and trust in God."

Terri M., New York

"I was given a gift of more tools in my belt... a course on possibly not or avoiding being offended called “A Walk to Freedom” (of being un-offended).


At first I said I don’t think this would apply to me. When I thought about this several people came to mind of who offends me or upsets me and it’s completely out of my control.  I paused and said okay this is for me.


I love books and reading and have little or no time to do so being a mom of two little ones. So when Dianne McKim offered this gift to me I said being accountable to a group will help me read this book and go through this course with other like minded women. 


Well I got more than just a group to be accountable to. I grew in my relationship with myself, understanding other people’s actions are not my problem and out of my control. But it goes beyond that to include growth and stretching out to the Lord for help with what I can’t control or avoid.


I understood the tools are to help me not allow these specific people to offend me. It’s their stuff, not mine.


The women I met with weekly are true warriors in their own walks to freedom. Stories were shared, related and felt deep. We no longer meet but I still feel a sense of connection for what we grew through. 


Dianne has a such a touch of kindness and wisdom to help navigate through what life throws our way on a spiritual level. To me, spirituality is an eternal relationship we enter and develop. If I can strengthen it in anyway I want it.


Dianne helped me to dive deep, go beyond the surface and grow in something very important to me. We all have our stories and stuff, how we deal with it and get through it is a life skill we all can use." 

Alli Schwerd, New Jersey

"The information provided in the De-Stressing for your Summer Lunch ’n Learn was insightful and helpful. I was able to see how much stress affects all of our major systems and thus has a major impact on our overall health. The tips provided were very helpful to improve moving forward from stress.


Being in a group, willing to honestly share reminds me I am not alone in my struggles.  It also brought to mind, where two or more gather there I am, that Christ Spirit is with us.  Strength in numbers.

Lastly, going forward the importance of staying connected to others and out of isolation is important for our health and well being, physically, psychologically and spiritually.  Thank you again for the opportunity to join your Lunch and Learn."

Deb Curran, Massachusetts

"I participated in the De-Stressing For Your Summer Lunch ’n Learn and learned so much. I have a better understanding of how stress affects the systems in my body and I was reminded to be more proactive and aware of stressors and my reactions to stress than I was before.  


I have been practicing a few of the recommendations already and not understanding why I had to do them so now I understand that my body has been asking me to do them in order to relieve stress. Thank you Dianne. This has been a truly helpful experience. I am looking forward to more like these in the future.”

Ruth Dwyer, New York

“My biggest take away from the De-Stressing For Your Summer Lunch ’n Learn was making the time to attend. Sometimes I get so caught up with everything else and don’t make time for myself.


I am so glad Dianne created this and provided such useful strategies for de-stressing. I learned I need to take time for self-care and also not to stress too much on things that are out of my control.

The information provided will be a great point of reference for me whenever stressful moments arise.”

Melodie Delphonse, New Jersey

"I participated in the De-Stressing For Your Summer Lunch ’n Learn and learned so much. I learned I need to be more intentional about my time and how I use it so I don’t allow myself to get stressed. I’ll prioritize exercise and having fun in my day, every day to keep stress down. I’ll make sure to actually schedule it.


I am glad I attended this session.”

Tricia Hickey, Massachusetts

“I am so glad I attended the De-Stressing For Your Summer Lunch ’n Learn. Dianne’s hard work was evident and I learned so much about how stress affects the systems of the body.


This knowledge will now help me in my work. There were several impactful tips given about how to manage stress properly for overall health.”

M.O., New York

“I learned so much in the "De-Stress in a Stressed Out World™” online group. 


With all the information shared, I realized I am already doing many things well. The techniques provided have given me a new awareness and cause me to really think about how I am handling the stress I face each day. 


I strongly recommend the "De-Stress in a Stressed Out World™” online group to others.”

Helene G., New York

"I attended the Women's Vision Board Workshop and loved everything about it... the welcome I felt upon arrival, the lessons taught in the presentation, the sharing, and the anticipation of creating my vision board. I felt like a kid again!


I felt a connection with creating the vision board with my personal journal writing. Throughout the workshop, I enjoyed the music played and truly felt the presence of God. I also enjoyed the fellowship with the other ladies.


Thank you so much, Dianne!"

Nancy Mitchell, New York

"Dianne has a personal and compassionate approach to coaching. She is devoted to her clients and I have seen such large growth in my goal areas in a very short period of time! 


Dianne has shown me how to dream again and how to actually achieve those dreams! It is a wonderful feeling to know that things can change and that even difficult goals can be achieved again with the right support. With her help, my life has changed drastically and I am constantly on an upward trend! I have learned financial management, boundary setting, goal setting and achieving, how to grow in my walk with God and I am now exploring a new relationship and learning about healthy communication. 


I believe Dianne was absolutly made for this calling to coach and nurture women on their journey. I know that every woman will benefit from her approach and feel accomplished!"

Donna Dolby, New Jersey

I was dealing with a lot of stress due to marital issues as well as work-related issues. I felt a lot of pressure and noticed it was impacting me every day.


I learned a lot about stress, how it affects all the parts of my body and lots of great ways to help me manage my stress. I have been better able to get through each day so the stress isn’t causing as much pressure.


I would absolutely recommend this group to anyone who is under a lot of stress and would like to learn how they can help themselves manage it better.

Myrsini Dannemillier, New Jersey

"I learned so much in The Walk To Freedom class. With Biblical support and new understanding, I have come to understand so much about anger and offenses. I realize I have a choice and while anger is a natural feeling, I don’t have to let it rule. I can take actions that are needed and make them with love instead. I’ve learned to practice being unoffendable each day and it’s changed my perspective on living out the Christian life. 


This was a great class and I truly enjoyed the interactions with the other students. Hearing their stories and situations helped me apply the concepts to my life as well. Continuing to apply the lessons in my life will be ongoing.


I highly recommend this course to others who want to let go of offenses and anger and Walk in Freedom!"

Tricia Hickey, Massachusetts

"Prior to attending the workshop, I thought this might be good for me to do. As a Licensed Counselor, I could see the benefit of spending time working on and creating a vision board for my future that would help me in my counseling practice and in my life. 

As I went through the workshop, I was drawn into the process Dianne presented that really helped me get in touch with the direction the Lord wanted my life to take. Putting the board together to capture my vision was fun and beneficial as it kept me focused on the visions. Dianne led an excellent and professional workshop, helping each of the women in attendance take steps closer to their visions, which is exactly what a great LifeCoach should do. 


Be sure to sign up to attend her next Vision Board Workshop; you won’t be disappointed!"

Lorraine Schaefers, LMFT, Counselor, New Jersey

"Through many years, Dianne, with great care and patience, has helped me focus on the important things and let go of the things that get in the way. She is a woman of integrity who helped me to grow in many ways. 


Her life experiences give her a unique ability to help women who need an understanding and listening ear. She is easy to talk to, listens with great compassion and is thoughtful in her approach.


Dianne is uniquely and perfectly designed to be an awesome Life Coach."

Valerie Babcock, New Jersey

"At the Women's Vision Board Workshop, I enjoyed having the beautiful moments to spend with friends while digging a little deeper into what God has for me. 


This workshop helped me set a plan and really view at once, all the desires of my heart. It's interesting how even while cutting out phrases and images pertaining to the future I got a chance to reflect on the journey of my past All the good and bad is part of life's journey, but the future brings hope and new beginnings.


We need to get the word out and possibly expand even more on how deeply rooted in Scripture this process is for one's life. "

Shellyanne Murray, New Jersey

"During the Precious Stones LifeCoach Vision Board Workshop, I loved being able to take a breath and focus on what is important for me here and now. Hours before the workshop I was focused on my future, but a little bit confused about it! I was very surprised during the workshop, to get some clarity as I visualized quiet places alone, walking in nature, seeing lots of the color green, and lots of trees. In all of these, I was without someone else, just me!

In this workshop I learned:

  • to be well focused on my different feelings as I was going through the magazines, even if sometimes the noise around me was distracting

  • I learned to accept what was in my mind very quietly without judgment

  • I discovered that for me, it is the beginning of a process of projection on my future. During my 42 years of marriage, I was UNABLE to make plans for the future. I was able to think only for the next 24 hours no longer...!

Even now it is difficult for me to visualize all of my future, yet I am totally confident in God’s love for me and that I am his daughter. This is new for me and as I continue to visualize and work on my future, I will get more used to that. It’s so big, so great, so amazing, so peaceful…! Thank you, Dianne, for an amazing workshop."

Maya Labbe, New Jersey

"I was going through a really hard time in my marriage, and not wanting to share my troubles.  The pressure became too much and I became an emotional wreck. At this point, I decided to confide in my friend and fellow Bible study participant Dianne. As I found out, this was the best thing I could have done.  


Having been through a difficult divorce herself, she became my resource and sounding board, as well as a great comfort. She was able to guide me to stay focused on Jesus through very dark days and nights and to release negative, intrusive emotions and thoughts to Him. Her deep knowledge of scripture and her own life experience that she shared with me was crucial to my recovery. 


My marriage unfortunately ended, and Dianne was there to help me regroup and focus on a new beginning. When I think of that period in my life, I'm overcome with gratitude that Dianne was present with me through the whole ordeal and beyond. "

Cindy Bonura, New Jersey

"Dianne has helped me for many years to grow in my personal and spiritual life. Her care and compassion provided a safe place for me to share. She has a keen ability to breakdown complex situations making them easier to work through

With her wisdom, guidance, and insights I was able to move forward to achieve passions in my heart. Dianne is a Life Coach for any woman who needs someone genuine to work with to make her dreams happen.

Hedy Abad, Deleware

"I am in a real transition time in my life and needed someone to talk through all the potential upcoming changes. Speaking with Dianne was so helpful. She is a woman of great wisdom and someone I trust. Her help and perspectives encouraged me on my path and she provided a few great ideas for me to implement. 

Having so many changes all at once is scary, but having Dianne available to listen to my plans and be able to have a neutral outlook helped me to feel excited as I continue in this time of transition. Thank you, Dianne!"

Melanie Bauer, New Jersey

"Dianne did a really great job leading us in this Vision Board Workshop. I feel encouraged being part of this. I love how I can see my visions on a colorful board full of pictures I chose. I definitely would love to be a part of this workshop again. Thank you, Dianne, for having this workshop!"

Danielle Morgan, New York

"I can honestly say it was a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful group of women at Dianne's vision board workshop. She gave not only useful information for creating a vision for ourselves but a real opportunity to explore it and see the possibilities that lie ahead of us. 


The atmosphere was comfortable and inviting, and she made us feel very special with all her efforts to provide all the tools we needed as well as yummy treats all day! No one wanted to leave it was so much fun!"

Donna D., New Jersey

I signed up for the Walk to Freedom class because I have A LOT of healing to do and because of that I have a Huge guard in trying to protect myself from further hurt and it causes me to be very offended very easily.


The key things I learned are to try to look at the things that are offending me as a learning lesson. Like what is it that they see in me to say that or is the enemy trying to hurt me so let me turn this situation around to my benefit is the best way I can go on handling a future situation.


I would recommend this course to others because it gives you a better way to look at yourself and others in a more positive way. It helps you change your mind frame a little and allows you to re-evaluate how you approach situations or feelings. It's a benefit all the way around. Yes I would recommend this!

Cristina Mercado, New Jersey

"I'm so grateful to the Lord to have spent such a great time at this Vision Board Workshop with these amazing women. Thank you so much dear Dianne and dear Donna.


I feel now at the end of this workshop much more able to see my future. I feel joy, light, and peace deep inside of me."

Maya Labbe, New Jersey

“The "De-Stress in a Stressed Out World™” online group was so helpful to me. I learned a lot about health issues and what stress does to my body. 


The stress management tips provided were so helpful and I will definitely be able to apply several to my life. I took many, many notes so that I can go back and review again and again and incorporate these de-stress tips into my life. 


For anyone wondering if they should participate in the group… I say Absolutely!! It is definitely worth it.”

Michele Struss, New Jersey

"In the "Confidence for Life™" Workshop I learned to see myself in a more positive way and look to the future with confidence that I can use my past achievements to propel myself into a successful future."

Jack Valentine, New Jersey

"I was so excited to attend the Vision Board Workshop held by Precious Stones Coach Dianne McKim. This year is a year of great transition for me so having an opportunity to dream and pray about my plans and visions for my future was so helpful. 


Dianne has an excellent communication style that provided great teaching and insights. Being a part of the workshop with the women who attended was fun and beneficial. I recommend the workshop to any woman who wants to press into her dreams, visions, and passions for her life."

Melanie Bauer, New Jersey

"Today at the "De-Stress in a Stressed Out World™" Lunch and Learn at CBRE I learned how important it is to destress. I learned it is really important to handle situations differently and have a positive outlook.


The workshop was very informative and very calming!"

Pat R, New Jersey

“The topics covered in The Women’s Hope and Healing Online Group were exactly what I needed to hear. The insights provided were so helpful to me in my current situation.


Dianne always seems to have the right thing to say to speak into both the topic and my life situation. Her background and experience really comes through in what she shares. Her encouragement made me feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.


I highly recommend this group to any woman going through Separation or Divorce. You will find a helpful and encouraging place to help you.”

Tania R, New Jersey

“I attended the Vision Board workshop because I wanted to put a board together and hear from God.


Opening up to what God wants to tell me, he gave me a peace within my spirit. He showed me not to worry.


He's in control and it was nice to see on a board my dreams and desires”

Antonina L., New Jersey

“In the "Confidence for Life™" Workshop Dianne helped me to see how to put things together that are necessary to be confident."

Sam Paudhi, New Jersey

"The "Confidence for Life™" Workshop helped me to reflect on myself and what I need to work on and how to achieve it!"

Tania Quevedo, New Jersey

Dianne has overcome many obstacles in her own life. She has emerged as a confident, encouraging woman as was evident in The "Confidence for Life™" Workshop.


Dianne is a good role model for anyone!"

Mary Murphy, New Jersey

"The "Confidence for Life™" Workshop made me think about myself and others I can help.”

Joel Berke, New Jersey

“'The "De-Stress in a Stressed Out World™' Online Group was great. I highly recommend it to any woman who needs help managing her stress.


The information provided was thorough and definitely helps me be more aware of ways I can help myself better manage my stress.”

Anita M., New Jersey

“'In the "Confidence for Life™' Workshop Dianne shared her personal experience to let us know that you can overcome the obstacles in life. Stay positive to achieve your goals."

Austin Murphy, New Jersey

“I live day to day and don't know what my vision is. I was excited to hear from God in the Vision Board workshop.


The workshop allowed me to take the time to focus, get quiet before the Lord with the purpose of hearing His vision for me.


I came with expectation and God met me.


This was a safe place to dream and share my thoughts. The board took me by surprise!”

Karla L., New Jersey

“The "Confidence for Life™' Workshop helped me to have an awareness of my confidence level. I now have the realization that it is natural to not always be 100% confident."

Linda Pallack, New Jersey

“I learned a lot about how to de-stress in the "De-Stress in a Stressed Out World™" Lunch and Learn at CBRE today.

Luisa W., New Jersey

“In the "Confidence for Life™" Workshop Dianne demonstrated confidence herself. She truly practiced what she preached in an appealing and attractive way.”

Barbara Toscano, New Jersey

Testimonials: Testimonials


"I was struggling in a couple major areas of my life, specifically my diet and exercise (or lack thereof) and getting my house in order. I lacked motivation on my own. As I thought about how I could change these habits, I decided to work with Dianne. I am so glad I took that step. 


She helped me to start shifting my mindset so I was thinking about what I was or was not doing which got me motivated to take actions. Each time we met we talked about the action items I established from our last session and with every success Dianne encouraged me. If I missed something Dianne encouraged me to keep going


Dianne provided a safe, no judgement zone where I could share freely and know together we would identify new approaches to accomplishing my goals. My house is more in order, my diet is healthier and I am getting exercise are into my days more often. I am so glad I chose to work with Dianne and I highly recommend her as a Life Coach.

She is a true professional!"

R.R., New Jersey

"Learning about the things that can cause stress in life was eye-opening for me at the "De-Stress in a Stressed Out World™" Lunch and Learn today at CBRE.


The tips that I learned were very helpful and I will try them out to help me manage my stress."

Jocelyn C., New Jersey

Dianne has been such a blessing. I don’t feel alone in what I am going through. I felt so comfortable with her and in this group to be honest, expressing my emotions without feeling judged. I felt safe to confide in Dianne.


It is so important to have that level of trust. The Scriptures shared spoke to each topic and were so helpful to me. Being a part of this group helped me to know I wasn’t the only one going through these things.


I strongly recommend this group to women going through separation or divorce. There is hope and healing.” 

Maggy H., New Jersey

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