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Specialized Coaching

Professional & Leadership Development Program

Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program with Precious Stones Coaching is unlike any other coaching program out there. It is  highly specialized to give you the greatest insights for your success.


I know and understand that each individual has unique circumstances and needs. That's why I offer 3 Levels in the Professional Development Program

Just the Basics Program, Abridged Program, Fully  Extended Program.


Give me a call and let’s get the ball rolling.

"THE Team™" Program

"THE Team™" Program

"THE Team™" Program is one of the most comprehensive coaching packages I provide. Your leadership and team members are both involved to provide the greatest success possible. The program includes individual and team coaching, CliftonStrengths Assessments and results.


You and your team will be more productive and achieve greater synergy which translates to bottom line result.


Just click below for more information and to book this amazing program for your organization.


Career Enhancement Program

Building a career that brings great satisfaction and success while providing solid work-life integration is not easy.


Yet, there are approaches you can take to create the career you desire. 


The Career Enhancement Program will help you achieve a balanced and fulfilling career without sacrificing the life you want.


Click below now to schedule a session.


Live Your Faith Program

Integrity is the key to experiencing your very best in life, both at home and at work. Experience the respect of your leaders, your peers, your family, and friends by walking in faith. 

Choose to do the right thing no matter what. 

Faith-filled Coaching and consulting helps you release limitations in walking out your faith.

Personal Life Coaching Program

Personal Life Coaching Program

At Precious Stones Coaching I give my clients the valuable guidance and support they need to forward their life in the best way.


Personal Life Coaching is a great option for everyone,  whether you’re working with a Coaching Professional for the first time or are a seasoned veteran. Schedule a session today and achieve Life Changing results.

Shining Star Program

Shining Star Program

Break through the obstacles that seem to be holding you back. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled.


Let me help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your happiness so you can be the Shining Star. Get in touch today to Shine!

Special Services: Packages & Rates
Special Services: Services

Assessments + Coaching

Supporting Your Success

Assessments in conjunction with coaching can provide you with great insights for both your

personal and professional lives.

They will help You Move Forward from where you are today to where

You want to go.

Below are just some of the Assessments we can work through together. 

Click Here for more details.

CliftonStregths Assessment

Understand your talents and maximize your potential

If you have ever wondered what your greatest strengths and talents are, this assessment is for you. The assessment provides a comprehensive report that explains what you naturally do best and how you can develop and use your talents to live your strongest life possible.

This Assessment can be used for individual, group, or team development.


Did you know that people who know and use their strengths, according to Gallup, are 6x more likely to be engaged at work, 7.8% more productive in their role, and 3x more likely to have an excellent quality of life. 

Perform better in your job, build stronger relationships, and achieve incredible growth!

DiSC® Assessment

Deepen your understanding of yourself and others

The DiSC® Assessment is a personal development tool used by over one million people every year to help improve communication, teamwork and productivity in the workplace. The assessment is a learning experience that measures preferences and tendencies.


You will receive personalized insights that deepen your understanding of yourself and others, making workplace interactions more enjoyable and effective. The assessment will raise self-awareness, improve teamwork, make conflict more productive, develop greater effectiveness in your role, regardless of your title or position. 

There are multiple DiSC® Assessments available. Inquire below for more details.

F.W.A.™ Assessment + Coaching

Get the Most out of Life

Fear, Worry, and Anxiety can take over our lives if we don't have ways to manage and eliminate them. The F.W.A.™ Assessment can help you eliminate these three so you will have greater peace.

In addition to the F.W.A. Assessment, you will receive a 30-minute coaching session.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment + Coaching

For Christian spiritual growth

As a Christian follower of Jesus, knowing, understanding, and exercising your spiritual gifts will help you grow stronger in your faith while providing a tool for you to find meaningful ways to serve in your church community.

Once you have completed the assessment we will review the results and develop a unique plan for you to incorporate into your faith journey.

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