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Every day we are bombarded with so many negativities. They come at us from all over... our jobs, our families, the news, movies, social media, networking events, and the list goes on. How is it we have become so negative?

In honor of Thanksgiving it's time to reflect and remember all that you have to be grateful for. Everyone has something for which to be thankful... and many of us have many, many things.

Here are some of the things I am thankful and grateful for (not necessarily in order of priority!)...

- the sacrifice of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

- my relationship with Jesus

- the Bible, the Living Word

- my husband

- my children and grandchild

- my family

- my dearest friends

- my Church, Bethany Church

- my Pastors (all of them!)

- my business, Precious Stones LifeCoach

- the DivorceCare for women ministry

- my core values

- the USA and its freedoms

- my home and all that I have in it (including my bed, heat, A/C, running water, and so on)

- the area in which I live

- sunny days

- flowers

- my gifts, talents, skills, and abilities

- my true identity

- Love

This list could go on even more, but I will end it here. I hope it inspires you to think and reflect on all of your many blessings. Be grateful this Thanksgiving (and every day)!

Leave me a comment with some of the things you are grateful for.

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