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Just Breathe

Too often we get so busy running around taking care of life, working, running our kids places, shopping and so on. Going, going, going constantly. As we add more and more to our schedules, even if they are good things, we can increase our stress. With increased stress our breathing can get shallow, which is not the best for our bodies.

Take a moment right now, listen to your breathing. Are you breathing through your nose or your mouth? Are you taking very shallow breaths even though you are not doing high performance exercise? Do you feel sluggish?

Learning how to breathe right can make a huge difference. Yes, there really is a way to breathe right! Inhale through your nose and let that breath go into your belly. Shallow breaths stay in your throat and cause you to be out of breath. Exhale fully from your nose.

Stopping in the midst of the running around to take some deep breaths can help you calm down (don’t take too many or you could get light-headed!).

Recently I heard my husband sounding like he was holding his breath and then letting it out. He wasn’t conscious he was doing that and he wasn’t straining or lifting anything heavy. I reminded him to Just Breathe. As he did, I saw him relax a bit more.

So, if you feel stressed, find your are taking too many shallow breaths, or just need to relax… Just Breathe! You will notice a difference!

Let me know your “Breathing” stories by adding your comments here.

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