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Just The Way I Am - Not

No one will want to spend time with me. I don’t have anything to offer. I will fail if I try.

These were thoughts I had inside for many years. There were many other negative thoughts that rolled around alongside these. They were deeply ingrained in my beliefs about myself. I didn’t realize how much those negative thoughts and beliefs were self-fulfilling. The more I thought them, the more they proved to be true. I always thought is’t just the way I am.

So many of us walk around telling ourselves all kinds of negative things about ourselves. We compare ourselves to others who reinforce the negative thoughts. We replay words spoken over us by others that communicate these same negatives to our inner being. It is the never ending, ongoing wheel that gets us nowhere.

If you can relate and realize you have negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself rolling around in your mind, take heart. You do not have to live with them forever.

The truth is our neuropathways are affected by what we pay attention to again and again. So, if you consistently repeat to yourself you aren’t good enough, your brain grabs ahold and takes this in as if it is true. What if instead of telling yourself you aren’t good enough, you begin telling yourself you are created with uniquely amazing skills and abilities? If you repeat a new positive perspective to yourself over and over, your brains’ neuropathways begin to be redirected and new connections begin to develop.

Our brains are truly amazing. They have the ability to change! What we pay attention to affects our brains by creating new pathways and connections. What gets wired in our brains are those things that we observe, see, read, listen to, watch, etc. on an ongoing basis.

We can renew our mind, releasing those negative old messages by focusing on new positive messages. Renew your mind by taking each negative message and replacing it with the exact opposite, then repeat the new positive message to yourself.

As you take this step, your brain’s neuropathways shift. The old is gone and the new becomes the belief that is deeply ingrained. A truly amazing shift we can all make!

Connect with me if you would like to work on shifting your neuropathways.

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