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Living with Uncertainty

A skill we all need to learn!

I want to be in control. I want to know what is headed my way. I want to know who I can count on. I want to choose my own path.

The list of "I wants" can go on and on. But how many of us really get everything we want and how many of us are really in control?

I would say we need to have a different set of "I wants". Living with Uncertainty is certainly the way of life, especially these days. So what if you said I want to be flexible so I can shift when things happen I didn't plan. I want to be resilient so I can adapt as my life ebbs and flows. I want to learn about the people in my path and enjoy each person for who they are instead of who I want them to be. I want to plan and choose but always with the ability to shift as life takes turns I didn't expect.

Imagine living with this kind of thinking. Wouldn't it alleviate a lot of stress and pressure?

I know in my own life I had many situations occur that I didn't expect and had to learn how to be flexible and adapt. Separation and divorce, single parenting, working full time while raising children alone, job losses, family struggles are just a few of my life experiences. There are so many more that could be listed, but suffice it to say, life is uncertain.

I had to make choices along the way and learn that I needed to be more flexible and adapt instead of being rigid and unmoving. I am still a work in progress for sure!

So, I ask... what are you doing to Live with Uncertainty?

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