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A Mother's Heart

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The most special place is in a mother's heart.

By God’s design, a Mother’s Heart is a treasured place… filled with many wonders. Only within a Mother’s Heart will you find the deepest grieving right alongside the deepest joys. A Mother is crafted and designed with such intricacies, no one can fully comprehend every facet.

There is so much more to her than meets the eye. You might notice the outward appearance… her hair, her eyes, her height, her shape, her smile, and so on. But if you stopped there, you would be missing so much. The inner parts of a Mother are to be really looked at and appreciated. As you would a fine crystal. For it is in these inner parts that you will find all the treasures, our Lord has placed there, for she has been created in His image.

In the everyday routine of life, a Mother takes care of thousands of details for her family. There are countless practical needs to be attended to… planning, preparing, and serving each meal, shopping for the groceries, clothing, and household items, cleaning and straightening up the home, driving the children to their many activities, planning ahead to be sure gifts are purchased, wrapped and given for each occasion, and coordinating all the schedules so everyone gets where they need to be when they need to be there. These are but a few of the things she does every day to take care of her family.

The practical needs are the things that you might observe if you only glanced her way. However, if you really looked and watched, you would get a glimpse of the inner woman that is so much a part of everything she does. You would see the way she rejoices when her child accomplishes even the simplest of tasks. You would see the pride she feels as her children achieve the milestones in their lives. You would see the infinite prayers she lifts to our Heavenly Father for her children, for her family. You would see how her heart breaks when she sees her children struggle with the issues of growing up. You would see how her heart grieves when her children are really hurting. You would see the tears she sheds for every hurt and pain they experience. You would see that even if she and her children are in separate places, they are never far from her heart. You would see how she struggles to handle the situations and circumstances that come in a Godly way so she will do what is best for her children.

If you watched her long enough, you would see the determination that blazes when she must respond to adversities that rise up. You might think her feeble or weak until you saw how she protects her children from harm. She would give all she had to protect her precious children. She would do whatever it took to make sure they were safe and cared for. Nothing can keep her from watching over the affairs of her children.

A Mother is just the right mixture of softness, gentleness, firmness, practicality, toughness, common sense, and emotional expressions. She is filled with a love that comes out in all she does. Her mind is always filled with thoughts in the background of her family.

Only in a Mother’s Heart can you see all of who she is. It is a most special and precious place.

A Mother's Heart.

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