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Overcome The Great Resignation

So much has changed in our world, and old ways of doing business are no longer serving employers or employees well. I believe there needs to be a common goal, and it is critical for both sides to take new approaches to strengthening the relationship between them.

There has been a lot of reporting on The Great Resignation. People want to work where they are appreciated. They want to contribute in meaningful ways. They want a better life and work balance that includes more flexibility. The Predictive Index did a survey of executives in November 2021, and found the top two reasons employees are leaving their companies are inflexible work options/hours and lack of personal/professional development opportunities.

Learning what makes your employees tick, how they function at their peak, what their strengths are, and what benefits are most important to them will go a long way in helping employees feel appreciated, that they are contributing and growing in their development while enjoying the flexibility they need. When your employees are happier their productivity increases, which leads to greater growth for the company.

Employees need to help their employers by taking the time to share with their leadership what motivates them and offering suggestions for possibilities and solutions. This approach will go a long way to help strengthen their relationship.

Incorporating coaching, whether it be team, group, or individual coaching, helps foster professional and personal development. It also helps employees and employers create deeper connections, and increases their confidence and happiness. When both sides look to each other to build cohesiveness, it can result in less turnover, slowing the mass exodus in The Great Resignation.

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