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Release and Free

By Dianne McKim, C.A.C.L.C.

In my last blog post (, I shared the story about me trying on a dress. The zipper broke and there I was stuck in the dressing room with the dress hanging on my waist.

To pick up the story where I left off last time...

I started to get nervous and the sweat kicked in! I stood in that dressing room thinking what am I going to do? I could have easily panicked. I just stopped for a moment, closed my eyes and took a breath. I prayed for wisdom!

I decided to put a shirt on and take a tentative step out of the dressing room and see if there was anyone nearby. When I peaked out into the store, there was a sales woman working in that area. I called her over and explained the situation absolutely expecting her to be compassionate and helpful. Incredibly, she said she really couldn’t do anything to help me!!

Sometimes when we reach out and ask for help, we get turned down. The way people respond can be hurtful and cause us to shrink back. I could have easily done that when the sales woman responded the way she did. But… especially in this situation, I had to be a bit more assertive to get what I needed.

So, I asked her to please get a supervisor or someone who could make a decision on what to do. Thankfully she said ok and left the area. Of course, while I was waiting, my mind began racing… what if she doesn’t come back, what would I do then? How long should I wait her for her or someone to return? What if someone comes in who can’t help?

After what seemed like an eternity to me, another woman came to the dressing room. I showed her the problem. She took out a pair of scissors and cut me out of the dress! Yeah, released and free!!!

In life, we often feel stuck and just stop trying. We give up and close up. When we do, we miss out on so much. Continuing to try, being more assertive and persevering can bring us great insights, freedom, new friends, wonderful experiences and maybe even fun!

What are some areas in your life you feel stuck and need freedom?

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