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Thankful for the Difficulties

As we turn our eyes ahead, we see the holidays will soon be upon us. If you are like me, you are amazed at how quickly the time is passing!

So today I want to focus on Being Thankful. One thing I have learned over the years... no matter what is happening, there is always something to be thankful for.

There are two main points in this email that I hope you take with you. The first is to Be Thankful for all the people and all the material goods you have in your life

Thinking of all the blessings I have, my list of what I am thankful for could go on and on. My faith, family, friends, my business and clients, church, home, material things, the area in which I live, are just a few broad categories for which I am so grateful. I am thankful for each of you reading this email. I have been richly blessed with so much.

The second and truly interesting thing that really rises up as I reflect on being thankful is to Be Thankful for every struggle, challenge, and difficult circumstance you have in life.

I have learned so much as I navigated each challenge, struggle, and difficult situation that I have faced, am facing and I know I will face. I learned when I made wise choices and I learned when I made mistakes.

One really big thing I learned was to get prayer support from others. We are not meant to walk alone in this world. Sharing what is happening in my life with people I can trust and feel safe with has helped me carry my burdens without them breaking me. I realized I didn't have to share every detail but I did need to be vulnerable and to let others in to get the support I needed.

This was scary at the beginning because I had been hurt by some I had let in. I was afraid to get hurt again. Trust was difficult to extend to others. But over time, little by little, I found that sharing was so much better than carrying my load alone. As I continued to let people in, share my life with them (the good, the bad, and the ugly), and risk being vulnerable, I gained new friendships. With wisdom and discernment I discovered I could trust some of these new friendships because they were based on mutual trust and openness. I found a measure of relief and peace as I let others help me carry my burdens.

So, with all that and more, I am grateful for every challenge and difficulty because I know I can look forward to growing and learning in each one.

So as you think about your life...

** What are you thankful for?

** What have you learned from the struggles and challenges you have faced?

I would love to hear from you. Drop me an email at

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