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The Cup

Dianne McKim, C.A.C.L.C.

I heard once that Bruce Lee said “The beauty of the cup is its emptiness.” I’ve reflected on that statement and find it to be quite profound.

How often do we think about an empty cup? Probably not much. We are thirsty or want tea or coffee so we just get out the cup and fill it with whatever we decided to drink. The liquid goes in the cup and we drink or sip it at our own pace. Simple.

But if you think about that statement and try applying it to our lives, it can come alive in a whole new way. If we are open to learning and ready to receive we can be filled with great knowledge. Often we struggle with learning because we have so much already occupying the space in our minds or we’ve already decided what we will take in.

We do need to use great wisdom and discernment or we certainly can be fooled and take information in that we shouldn’t. Being cautious and careful is ok. Hesitation can be a great asset.

For me, when I first heard about how much Jesus loved me and that He died on the cross for me, I was skeptical. But I was open to learn. As I learned more from the Pastors at good solid Bible-believing churches, as I read the Bible for myself, as I learned to pray and began to seek the Lord in prayer, I found the Bible is Truth. I found Jesus did indeed die on the cross for my sins (and yours). I found Jesus did this willingly because He loves me and you more than we can ever know.

As I began to settle into this truth, my life started changing in so many amazing ways. Where my feelings were geared toward the negative they started turning toward the positive. Where I was unsettled inside, I started getting peaceful. Where unhappiness had been ruling, joy was filling me up. There is so much more to my story than what I have room to share here right now. Sign up to receive emails from me and follow my blog and social media posts. You will learn more and more… if you are empty like that cup and ready to hear truth!

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